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NFL Questionable Call Video

LOL: ESPN Crank-Yanked By Fake Brian Westbrook



After the Eagles released their (once) stud running back Brian Westbrook Tuesday, ESPN spent most of the early evening promoting a phone convo that they were going to have with Westbrook live on Sportscenter. Unfortunately the World Wide Leader was the victim of one of your sicker ookie dokes in recent history. The gag was evident almost immediately after anchor Scott Van Pelt introduced (who he thought was) Westbrook on the line and the voice that began talking sounded something like a Jersey meathead.

It was none other than Captain Janks, a Howard Stern flunky who has made a name for himself impersonating people to get on television, whilst always dropping a Stern reference at some point to let the network that foolishly put him on the air know that they have been had. The fact that someone could


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