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Questionable Call

LOL: Eddie House Does “Big Marbles” Dance After Hitting Game-Winning 3 At Thunder


Apparently Eddie House is a big fan of Pedro Cerano, Isuro Tanaka and Major League II. After hitting a game-clinching 3-pointer in the final moments of a game against the Thunder Sunday afternoon, House decided to do his best rendition of the “Big Marbles” dance made famous by the legendary movie film.

House has seen a sharp reduction in his playing time, with the emergence of Mike Miller, but the face that the best player in the NBA passed up a fairly open 3-point attempt to give House the opportunity to win the game.

Too bad Rafer Alston doesn’t play for the Thunder, or we might have seen some of those same head-slapping shenanigans from the playoffs a few year’s back.

Coincidentally, that was House’s only shot attempt in the game, but when you are a certified bucket-getter, you never know where your next bucket will come from so you have to seize each and every opportunity.

Video of Eddie House’s game-winning 3 after the jump…


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