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LOL: Danny Granger Complains About Turkish Funk


Team USA’s Danny Granger took to twitter recently, to let people know just how he feels about Turkey, hosts of the 2010 FIBA World Basketball Championships. Granger posted the following tweets, that were eventually deleted after Euros started stomping down on the Pacers all-star forward:

[1st Tweet]

im dying over here…. how come nobody in europe wears deodorant? guess they didn’t get the memo

[2nd Tweet]

smellin like dead donkeys… no joke

Having actually played professionally in Turkey , I can attest to the point that Granger is trying to make. The country does smell funkier than an old batch of collard greens and most of the people do neglect to wear deodorant, preferring the pungent smell of cigarettes and body odor.

[Via Danny Granger’s Twitter]


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