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L.O. Back With The Lake Show


Lamar Odom is still a Laker. The oh-so-sweet forward is going re-sign a 4 year, $33 million deal with the world champs, with $27 of those meal tickets guaranteed.

After going on and off with the Lakers this offseason, as well as considering offers from other sh*ttier teams, Odom agreed to the same deal that Lakers Owner Dr. Jerry Buss offered him earlier this month.

Basically Lamar tried to create a bidding war around the league, but considering the recession and the lack of any of the other suitors to offer serious cheese, Odom made his next move his best one by staying in Los Angeles.

Although he is taking a hit considering that he made over $14 mill last year, but at this point in LO’s career it’s more important to secure some long-term cheese.

Since NBA contracts are guaranteed, we are pretty sure that Lamar is happy to add another $27 milli to his net worth and when coupled with the fact that the Lakers have to be the favorite to win the title again (cause Lebron can’t play all 5 positions) he should be buying plenty of candy to make him dandy.


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