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LJ’s Scarface Impersonation

So by now we all know of Larry Johnson’s problems. Johnson has been arrested and charged with a simple assault for spitting and threatening a woman. This being his 4th run in with the law during which a woman was involved and the second time he has been charged with a simple assault, someone needs to stop getting beer muscles.

As the multiple winner of pimp of the year, Filmore Slim said, “you got to pimp them with your mind, when you have to get violent, that AIN’T pimpin”.

It’s nice to know that he has admitted to a problem because as we know that is the first step to recovery. But, upon further investigation to the incident report there are shall we say some inconsistencies. Who goes back into the club at 1:45am? And why would LJ say he was going to kill a person that was his friend, “the witness”? One can only imagine what the scene must have been inside the was it something like this…

LJ! Scarface knows how you feel.

For Larry Johnson’s attempt to reinact a scene from one of America’s greatest movies, he got a fine of $350 and a game suspension without pay from the league. It could not have been worst than the time when Tupac spit on a reporter numerous times, one wonders if Tupac’s record label slapped him on the wrist for the incident?

Atlas. Athletes are role models ans they should be held to higher standards. Maybe even higher than the rest if us. But, when you look at other entertainers, you wonder if athletes are punished too much for their mistakes and rebellions against the League institutions. The reality is that what athletes do is really not that bad compared to what other so-called role models do.

You have megastars like Solider Boy, who have a cult following amongst the younger generation, releasing hilarious videos using profaine language. Or Paris Hilton receiving a DUI and being paraded around town like a beauty queen. And Shia LeBeouf, the star of Transformers and Indiana Jones, who flipped his truck while drunk. Did he receive a suspension from the Actors Guild? No. He will go right back to shotting Transformers 2 once his hand heals.

As sad as it may be, these people are too role models for kids and some adults just as athletes are. When this is presented it makes athletes the lesser of all the entertainer role model evils.


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