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Lil’ Romeo “Retires” From USC Basketball Squad


In a move that came as no surprise, USC basketball coach Kevin O’Neill decided to yank the scholarship of the younger Percy Miller aka Lil’ Romeo. Already the richest college basketball player of all times, Romeo’s presence on the team was apart of a package agreement to land standout baller DeMar Derozan, made by then head coach Tim Floyd. With Floyd and Derozan both long gone and O’Neill in charge like Charles, Romeo’s days were numbered.

O’Neill already gave 2 assistant coaches the boot this offseason in an attempt to clean house, following a season marred by an NCAA infraction that occurred under the Floyd regime. What’s shocking is that Romeo remained on scholarship this past season after Derozan’s departure. They should have made him break bread to ball on the squad because it ain’t tricking if you got it.

Getting booted from the USC squad hasn’t deterred Romeo in the slightest, as he was in Houston (aka Screwston) this weekend balling in Vince Young’s Celebrity All-Star game. He claimed he dropped 40, but we want to see a boxscore. Photos of Romeo in action after the jump. Via The Dagger, Lil’ Romeo’s Twitter <


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