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NCAA Basketball

Lil’ Romeo Needs Some Proactiv…

Kodackid Mar 28


When heard Lil’ Romeo had gotten a scholarship to USC to play ball we were like get the fuck out of here. But, we watched a couple of games and there he was on the end of the bench chillin. Must be nice.

He is for sure the only player in the college that makes more than his coach.

Now that USC has been bounced from the tourney, he is on Spring Break. But, you best believe he’s not in Cabo like the rest of the kids. He instead does what a Hollywood C-Lister does and hits the award shows. Here he’s at Melanie Segal’s Kids’ Choice Awards collecting his goodie bag with the fake me out sharpie tat.

He might be nice though, video of him hooping below…




  1. Znobi Overton April 17, 2009

    Hey i think he do need some proative for his face but i think that hes gonna be a very big star one day well he already is but im talkin bout bein a basketball star yadigg

  2. Zarielle September 8, 2009

    Fuck yall tryin to go on him like some type of goofy. Yall stay tryin to go on these people like aint nobody gone comback at yall reckless. Yall silly okay if he aint got the perfect skin he could still pull my girls then probaly all yall u feel me . It crazy he dont even be goin on no boby or put his buisness out like that. If this man had a bald head he would still look good and being a celebrity dont mean that you suppose to be so perfect u feel me because people gone have bad skin okay he still got girls and he still gone be raw in b ball.


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