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Legendary Dunks From Midnight Madness


Minnesota’s Rodney White aka “The Best Dunker In The Country,” does a 360 from damn near the free throw line. All we can say is “Sheeeeeeeit!” Dude might be realer than James White.

WTF! We guess white men can jump. Michigan guard Zack Novak (no relation to Clippers sharpshooter Steve), catches the ball off the bounce and goes between the legs in the final round…the entire bench clears,the crowd goes crazy and Novak is most likely getting some action tonight from a beezy of his choosing. We love college!

Another Novak dunk, off the bounce windmill off of 2 feet. Respect.

West Virginia’s John Flowers jumps over 3 (not-so-tall) people.

This video is from Southern Illinois’ “Maroon Madness” and features one of the Saluki’s freshmen guards. Since he isn’t wearing a jersey, we aren’t the biggest Southern Illinois fans in the world and their website isn’t updated, we’ve narrowed it down to 2 possible choices. It’s either Caleb Long or Kendal Brown-Surles, and since the dude in the video is kinda huff, we figure it’s Brown-Surles, because he weighs more.

Kentucky’s freshman sensation John Wall with the sick off the bounce windmill at 0:30. Wall looks like he has a 7-foot wingspan and gets up on this one. After looking at this dunk alone, it’s obvious this dude is going to be a beast.


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  1. JasonSereno.com October 18, 2009

    It’s Kendal Brown-Surles in the SIU video. And SIU is about to make you the biggest SIU fan. Respect.


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