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Legend: Ron Artest Kisses Bicep After Block vs Spurs + Runs Over Texting Fan And Makes Him Spill Coffee


If there was a hall of fame for Legends, Ron Artest would be a first-balloter because the dude never ceases to amaze. He deserves to be on a stamp.

During the Lakers smashing of the Spurs in San Antonio during the 2nd game of ABC’s doubleheader, Artest provided some solid entertainment leaving the fan’s in attendance smiling despite the final score.

Late in the 2nd quarter, Artest made a tremendous defensive recovery and blocked George Hill’s 3-point attempt into the stands and then flexing for the crowd and kissing his biceps for good measure.

Artest’s reaction following the play would of been worthy of a tech, but  the crowd (littered with Lakers fans) began laughing at Ron-Ron’s shenanigans.

Later in the game Artest found himself in another interesting situation, after he chased after a loose ball and ran into a fan in the front row, causing the dude to spill a cup of coffee all over his fit.

The fan, an older gentlemen rocking a flossy white top with a few of the buttons open to reveal his chest hair, was actually trying to text as he sat down and never saw Artest coming.

Luckily the coffee wasn’t as hot as those grits that Al Green got hit with back in the day or the dude would have been really unhappy.

Videos of Artest’s shenanigans against the Spurs after the jump…



  1. LK March 7, 2011

    I believe it was established that he was not texting; he was just a geezer who was trying to line up his backside with the chair to sit down.


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