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LeBron’s Through-The-Legs-Off-The-Backboard Dunk in Pregame Warmups Better Than Dunk Contest


Reigning MVP LeBron James decided to give Heat fans a little show during pregame warmups, getting off this ridiculous through-the-legs-off-the-backboard dunk that would have easily gotten a 50 during All-Star Weekend.

Although I’m just as frustrated as everyone else with LeBron having never entered an NBA Dunk Contest and continued to fulfill his prophecy as the greatest ever, the reality is that LeBron’s had numerous in-game dunks that are up there with some of the greatest dunks of all times.

LeBron has nothing to prove, but it would be nice to see what he’s capable of, joining the ranks of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant as a dunk contest champion.

Until then, at least we have videos like this to showcase LeBron’s ridiculous dunking ability.


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