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Lebron Runs New York!

Ny lebron Fans

Skip P Diddy. Lebron is the King of the city and he doesn’t even play for New York, at least not yet. Lebron playing the Knicks for the first time since the team cleared cap space for his 2010 free agency, and he showed Knick fans what they are missing. Dazzling the crowd with dunks, blocks, a barrage of threes – excited Knick fans were already lobbying for him to come play for them at the game. Jay-Z even made Beyonce come to the game to be a witness to King James’s awesomeness.

But, what are the odds of Lebron really going to the Knicks in 2010? Well, a friend of Lebron is quoted as saying, “he’s obsessed with living in New York”. So it is possible. We will see, but I have a feeling that if the Cavs don’t win a championship this year – look for Lebron to start looking for some property in Manhattan…maybe something over looking Central Park. Highlights and pics of Jay and Beyonce when you read more.


Beyonce Knicks


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  1. Kris Johnson November 26, 2008

    Joe Camel..I mean Jay-Z is a lucky man..If his ugly ass can pull Beyonce, there is hope for all of us!!!


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