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LeBron Makes Oprah’s 2010 Power List


At the end of the day, she is bigger (and richer) than God, so being acknowledged by Oprah on her 2010 Power List is a pretty big deal, and a well-deserved honor for LeBron. Good to see that not everyone is drinking big gulps of LeBraterade.

After months of criticisim and demonization across the country, especially in the armpit of America that is Cleveland, finally LeBron is getting some positive press. Even LeBron let it be know via his twiiter and facebook that he was proud of the honor.

The article in O magazine even details the way the terrible media and fan circus went down:

“But the backlash was pure hypocrisy. The media and fans alike had furnished a seat for LBJ at the center of the world, then seemed irked when he took it. Worse, the one-note vilification ignored the nobility of LeBron’s move: He took less money to win championships, the sports world’s ultimate selfless act. Consider the $6 million in ad revenue generated by The Decision that went to charitable causes, and suddenly the picture looks a whole lot less sinister…”

It do don’t it? but us clearheaded fans saw what was happening all along. Welp, no matter, onto bigger and better things like winning NBA championships and stuff. Congrats LeBron.

[via Oprah’s website]


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