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LeBron Leaves Skidmark on Miami Heat’s Court

LeBron James Skidmark Heat Warriors


LeBron James suffered an unfortunate case of irritable sneaker syndrome during a game against the Warriors on Thursday night, as his custom Nike shoes pretended like they were auditioning for an E-40 music video and proceeded to burn rubber on the Heat’s home floor–leaving a giant skidmark.

As LeBron was driving towards the hoop on a fast break with a full head of steam, his shoes suddenly gave way sending the 2-Time NBA Champion crashing to the floor, leaving a sizable shoe dookie stain on the court which was latter scrubbed off.

The incident proved to be one of the scarier moments of the season thus far, as the fate of the NBA relies on LeBron’s talents.


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  1. what January 8, 2014

    man i can do that with a car.


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