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LeBron Goes HAM on Entire Team With Legendary Post Halftime Speech

LeBron Huddle Speech Game 5


In the Heat’s biggest game of the season LeBron James showed the basketball world why he is the GOAT, gathering his squad before the start of the 3rd quarter and leading a heated (for lack of a better word) huddle.

Although TNT decided to censor the King’s speech, it appeared that LeBron was using a spirited tone to let his teammates know they need to stop playing like bitches.

LeBron followed up his speech by putting on one of his most dominant performances of the postseason, outscoring the Pacers by himself 16-13 in the 3rd quarter as the Heat left no doubt that they are the best team in the series.

It was refreshing to see LeBron step up and put his teammates in check and then let his game to the talking for the rest of the evening.


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