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LeBron Dumps Cell Phone For Playoffs and Craig Sager Tells Him, “Call Me Maybe”

Craig Sager LeBron "Call Me Maybe"


LeBron James shared an interesting piece of info with TNT’s Craig Sager (aka, the original Mr. Whitefolks) following the Heat’s Game 2 win over the Bucks on Tuesday — LeBron has turned his cellphone off and will not tweet for the remainder of the playoffs.

LeBron alluded to this decision with his last tweet, posted back on April 20:

In the midst of getting ready to win his 4th MVP in the past 5 years, the GOAT in waiting is focused on defending his crown and adding another ring and NBA Finals MVP to his legacy.

Although he is not participating in the postseason, Kobe Bryant decided to follow in LeBron’s footsteps lightweight by vowing not to tweet during Lakers’ playoff games.

In response to LeBron’s decision to dump his celly for the playoffs Craig Sager tried to show that he was still hip with the times, hitting him with a solid, “call me maybe.”


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