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LeBron and D-Wade Hit Chris Bosh With The Wheelbarrow Photobomb

LeBron Wade Wheelbarrow Bosh Photobomb


Despite the pressures of fulfilling the prophecy and winning their 3rd straight NBA title, LeBron James and the Miami Heat have maintained a cool demeanor, as evidenced by the Big 3’s tradition of photobombing each other’s postgame interviews after wins, in a constant attempt to subtly steal swag under the pretenses of messing around.

LeBron and Wade took the photoboming to another level recently, as the reigning MVP carried Wade around the court hitting Chris Bosh with the wheelbarrow and delaying his interview for several moments.

I’d like to think that David Stern was somewhere watching LeBron and Wade’s antics getting his fingernails manicured, smoking on a heater thinking to himself, “Never shoulda gave you ninjas money!”


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