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LeBron A No-Show During Starting Lineup Introductions In 2nd Visit To Cleveland


Since LeBron isn’t deaf, and can hear the boos, he didn’t feel like dealing with the chorus of Cavs fans spewing their LeBraterade, during his 2nd and final visit to Cleveland this season.

Naturally LeBron will get some heat (literally) for chilling in the cut during player introductions, but when you are the most hated man in Cleveland, besides Art Modell, and a back-to-back MVP, you don’t have to operate under normal rules and regulations.

Whilst the first meeting had a considerable amount more fanfare, with it being LeBron’s first time back in the city he carried to the greatest heights in franchise history, the second meeting wasn’t nearly as intense.

That is generally what happens when a team goes from first to worst, as Cavs fans have basically accepted the reality of life without their King. Now all the Cavs can hope for is some solid lottery picks in the draft this year, but unfortunately there ain’t no LeBron coming out this year.



  1. manny March 30, 2011

    Thats pretty sad that u can defend him. He is a coward. Sayin he was in the bathroom? really? he jus not man enough to admit that he has no heart. he stands for nothin but himself. Lettin DWADE take the boos? thats low. even for him. Glad he didnt come to Chicago. Rose would have treated his a@@ for all his antics.


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