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LeBraterade: Salty Tweets Clowning LeBron’s Engagement (Ring Jokes and What Not)


With the announcement of LeBron’s engagement to his boo, you knew it would only be a matter of time before the LeBraters (LeBron Haters for the uninformed) would take to it to the concrete and start clowning with ring jokes.

But since we are firm believers in the concept of rolling with things that are funny no matter what, check out  a sampling of some of the more legendary/funny tweets clowning LeBron for putting a ring on his boo after the jump…

LeBron got engaged. So now not only does he not have a ring, he’s giving them away? That seems counterproductive.

-I heard LeBron got engaged? Finally closed something and got a ring. Congrats! Hopefully he doesnt leave the ceremony 12 minutes ear

-Um, @CP3 is saying @KingJames is engaged. I find it hard to believe Lebron delivered on the promise of a ring.

-So lebron got engaged? Have the “his fiancé has more rings than him now” jokes started yet? #toosoon?

LeBron finally got engaged. Congrats to him. I wonder if in 2012 his hairline will get better?

-So yall wanna start a pool on how long Lebron & Savannah gon beengaged? I say at least 3 yrs. I’ll bet $5 in Groupon bucks on it.

-No shade to LeBron and Savannah, but y’all watch Basketball Wives – they stay engaged FOREVER to keep the chick happy and quiet

-Apparently #lebron got engaged this weekend. Somewhere Jim Gray is pissed he was not involved in “The Engagement”

-Y???? Did he learn nothing from kobe????

Lebron is finally gonna get his ring. By that, I mean a wedding ring. Got engaged tonight. gotta get a ring somehow. #ringless



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