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LeBraterade: McDonald’s Drops New Commercial Clowning LeBron


It’s nice to see that despite all the LeBrateration (LeBron Hating) going on around the world that even the King himself doesn’t mind joining in on the action.

Case in point, this new commercial that McDonald’s dropped to promote the return of their monopoly game and the 1 in 4 odds of winning a prize. They tried to mock LeBron and his goal to win 7 rings, but the joke probs won’t be that funny in about 9 years.

Now for everyone out there wondering why LeBron would let them people over there at Mickey D’s clown him, I’m sure he isn’t tripping on the cheese (or that gouda as E-40 would say) that the fast food giant broke him off with to make an appearance, or them residuals he gets every time it airs.

At least they didn’t go after the hairline.


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