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LeBraterade: LeBron Decides To Take His Talents To The WNBA (Parody)


Since the Heat failed to win in a ring in the first season with “The Big 3” experiment, LeBraters (LeBron Haters) have been coming out of the woodwork doing their best to keep kicking the much-maligned squad and their star player specifically.

This spoof video hit the net recently, mocking LeBron’s infamous “Decision” show with a remix that has King James taking his talents to the WNBA in a quest to win a ring however he can get it.

For all the saltiness from squares and regs alike, you would think that LeBron actually did something terribly inexcusable. I haven’t seen a black man hated on this much since O.J. or when Eddie King got booted from the Five Heartbeats.

Unlike the typical square-brained produced LeBrateration, this skit actually manages to do a great job of sharting all over LeBron, whilst actually also being funny.


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