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Lakers Still Doing Their Thang…Now 12-1

John Krease Nov 26

The Lakers owned the New Jersey Nets last night and racked up their 12th victory of the season in the process. They are just too nice. 74 game nice… well we will see. But, with so many weapons it will be surprising when any team beats them this season. Just look how everyone gets involved and don’t miss Kobe’s dunk on the Lopez Twin and Trevor’s put back jam over Vince Carter!

You have Phil sitting back masterminding everything. Kobe, the best in the game, killing. Gasol and Bynum dominating the paint. Radmanovic and Sasha Fierce giving you wet balls all day and night. Trevor the sneaky assassin locking people up on one end and dunking on them on the other. Fisher solid as a rock at the point. Farmer giving you spark off the bench. Odom just doing his LO thing. And Luke somewhere sitting on the bench cheering everyone on. Thats just too much fire power for any team. They might even give the best Lakers team of the 80’s a run for their money.

Guard Devin Harris decides to take a moment to enjoy the best seat in the house.


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