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Lakers Fans Try to Shade LeBron’s Return to Cavs With Kobe “I Never Left” Meme

Lakers Kobe I Never Left Meme


In a desperate attempt to maintain some level of revelance, a Lakers fan decided to try and throw some more shade LeBron’s way and mock him for decided to return back to the Cavs with this Kobe “I Never Left” meme.

There are plenty of things that Kobe has done that LeBron would never are documented in the public records, but its not as if Kobe never threatened to leave the Lakers, giving the team an ultimatum to either surround him with the type of talent that he needs to carry him to championships or he would make his next move his best one elsewhere.

It is true that Kobe never left the Lakers, and now thanks to his crippling contract, the Lakers will never make the playoffs again in his career. Let the Linsanity begin.


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