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Lakers Display Desert Thirst For Dwight Howard With #StayD12 Billboard Campaign

Stay D12 Beverly Hills Hotel


In a textbook case of what Rihanna would describe as “Desert Thirst,” the Lakers have started a #StayD12 billboard campaign around the city begging free agent Dwight Howard to stay with the team.

With varying reports surfacing daily as to Howard’s desires to either remain in Purple and Gold or make his next move his best one to a slew of other thirsty suitors such as the Rockets, Warriors and Mavs, the Lakers are trying their best to keep D12 in LA.

The first sign popped up at Staples Center earlier this week:

Stay D12 Staples Center

Then another on Hollywood blvd:

Stay D12 Hollywood

Then another on Sunset and La Brea:

Stay D12 Sunset La Brea

If the Lakers are that thirsty, they should just get a jug of water, cause these signs are going to look pretty stupid if Dwight Howard tells the Lakers “Deuces” and takes his talents elsewhere.

Maybe this sign would be better suited for the Lakers right about now:

Stay D12 Tank For Wiggins


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