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Questionable Call

Kobe Tells LeBron “I’m A F*cking Champ” During Heat’s Christmas Day Servicing Of Lakers


Anybody who watched the Heat-Lakers game on Christmas had to notice the brief trash talking session that LeBron James and Kobe Bryant engaged in during the 4th quarter, when it was obvious that King James and his squad were about to get the win.

Rumor has it that the majority of the exchange centered around Kobe telling LeBron, “I’m a f*cking champ,” referencing the 5 championship rings that The Black Mamba has won during his tenure with the Lakers.

Kobe was obviously frustrated at the servicing The Lake Show was taking, their 2nd such blowout loss at home in consecutive days, and naturally tried to rain on LeBron’s parade at Staples Center, which is becoming an annual event.

The full transcript of what Kobe really said to LeBron during their exchange after the jump…

KOBE: I’m a f*cking Champ! When I have the best big man in the League and/or the most versatile big man in the League, a shutdown defender like Ron Artest and another expendable 7-footer on the roster making $13 mill a year. However ‘Bron, when I don’t have all of these weapons my teams don’t make the playoffs and even if they do, they’re getting knocked out in the first round. I can only imagine how good your squad would be if you were $30 million over the cap like we are. Act like you know pimp juice!


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