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Kobe Staying…Trevor And Lamar Testing The Waters

John Krease Jul 01


Not to anyone’s surprise, Kobe said he will be staying with the Lakers today… word is he’ll be signing a 3 year extention on top of the 2 years he has left on his current contract. That’ll keep him in the purple and gold through the 2014 season.

And just how much is it going to cost the Lakers to keep the 2nd best player in the league?…$48 million over the next two years and another $86 million to $91 million with the extension. Ballin’! Dudes about to be a Laker until he’s 36….

Meanwhile, the battle for Ariza and Odom rages on. Word is Odom wants a 4-year-deal worth around $38 million, give or take $2 milli. But since the man only plays good half the time, we doubt the Spurs or the Suns, who are interested, will give him that much.

Trevor, meanwhile, was busy celebrating his bday yesterday so he wasn’t really tripping about contracts, about the only thing he said to reporters was, “I love my teammates and I love the coaching staff. But at the same time, I have to do what’s best for my family at this point”. We hope he stays.


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