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Kobe Scores 20,000 and Lakers Still Lose!

John Krease Dec 03

The Lakers lost last night at the last second to the Indiana Pacers! Taking their record for the year to 14-2. Even with the loss, they are still on track to match the ’96 Bulls record of 72-10. All the Lakers have to do for the season is win every 7 out of 8 games.

Hey… anything is possible. And with the next 2 games coming against the Sixers and Wizards, they should finish the week right on track and be 16-2.

But damn Lakers. You have to stop losing games you should win. Up 15 points going into the 4th quarter, I thought Kobe was about to sit out the rest like he’s been doing the past few games. But unfortunately, the bench could not hold onto the lead and Kobe couldn’t put the nail in the coffin.

Even though he scored 28 points and became the second youngest player to reach 20,000 points (he did it one day after Wilt Chamberlain) – he missed a jumper with the Lakers up one and gave the Pacers a chance to win. Then on the next play, the Pacers came down and… well you saw what happened.

We won’t make a big deal over the miss, but all we are saying is Jordan would have hit it.

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  1. SpockJenkins December 3, 2008

    it’s LOSE…not LOOSE…
    damn that shit is annoying…

  2. John Salley December 3, 2008

    The Lakers gotta reverse it, don’t get pussywhipped, whip that pussy (just to be clear I’m talking about Vlad Rad)


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