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Kobe Drops A Clay Davis-Sized “Sheeeit” After Ricky Rubio Says Spain Will Win Gold At 2012 Olympics


Following the Lakers-Twolves game Tuesday in Minnesota Kobe Bryant and Spanish rookie sensation Ricky Rubio got into some light-hearted jaw jacking.

Whilst Rubio was talking with fellow Spanish teammate and current Lakers forward Pau Gasol, the Black Mamba was ear-hustling and proceeded to have the following conversation with Rubio (aka rich man’s Ringo Starr):

Bryant: “You talking about London?”

Gasol: “Oh yeah.”

Rubio: “You’re gonna be there?”

Bryant: “Yeah.”

Rubio: “You know you’re getting the silver medal. You know that.”

Bryant: “Shiiiiiiit! I’m taking bets. If I win, I get the keys of Barcelona.”

Rubio: “I bet what you want.”

Bryant: “I’ll take it!”

Much like Looney Toon from Baby Boy, Rick Rubio may be a young dude but he got heart.

On another note, I was under the impression that NBA players weren’t allowed to gamble on basketball games, but maybe the Olympics is fair game.

Wonder what the response would have been if LeBron was placing bets with Rubio.

[via Deadspin]


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