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Knoblauch Accused Of Choking Out Wife


The former MLB All-Star was arraigned in a Houston court Tuesday and charged with family violence after his common-law wife, Stacey Stelmach, accused him of hitting her in the face and then choking her out, during an altercation at the couple’s home Friday. Knoblauch is no stranger to mood swings, being named in the Mitchell Report back in 2007 as a a juicer like Jack LaLanne. Prosecutors claimed that Big Chuck was all hopped up on liquor and Xanax during this incident.

The triv part is this whole thing started after Knoblauch, who is in the process of getting a divorce from Stelmach, returned to their home after a trip to his goomar’s house:

Assistant District Attorney Kari Allen said in court that Knoblauch returned from his girlfriend’s home and began arguing with his wife. She said Stelmach was trying to take his car keys away from him when the alleged assault occurred. Allen said a family friend saw Knoblauch beat and choke Stelmach.“Because she was fearful of him driving, she kept the keys,” Allen said. “And he assaulted her by striking her and by choking her.” Via Houston Chronicle

Knoblauch might end up serving some time for this outburst, a third-degree felony, which has a sentencing range between 2-10 years as well as up to a $10,000 fine in Texas. We have a feeling that Chuck will try to use some of his star to power to get his punishment drastically reduced, but the judicial system seems to be stomping down on athletes lately. Video of Knoblauch’s court hearing after the jump…



  1. Joe Mamma September 30, 2009

    from what I remember from his playing days, I am surprised he even connected when he went to hit her!


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