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Brighten My Day Celebrity NBA Swag Video

King James Spotted At Drake Concert


Any time you are asked to come hang out on stage with arguably the hottest performer in the game (right now)…well then you must be the greatest. A lot of people will see this video of LeBron James chilling on stage with Drake at a recent performance in Cleveland and try to clown the King for being both out of the playoffs, and a “hype man.” As we all know, one man can’t do it all (but he can come damn close with a pretty wack team) and when you are the King, about to be sitting on an extra 100+ million stacks in the next few months, you can do as you damn well please.

Although MJ was on this type of level in his day, appearing in Michael Jackson videos and also having those legends from the House Party movies (Full Force if you care) at the end of “Michael Jordan’s Playground,” this type of mainstream stardom is something that has definitely eluded Kobe in recent years, for some strange reason.

Video of LeBron performing “Say Something” with Drake after the jump…


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