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King James Shows Up For “LeBron Day” In Akron


In another desperate attempt by fans to keep King James in Cleveland, thousands gathered in LeBron’s hometown of Akron, to honor the MVP at “LeBron Appreciation Day.” Although the event organizers didn’t konw if LeBron would actually show up to the event, much to their surprise, he did end up showing up towards the conclusion and briefly addressed those that were fortunate enough to stick around.

In front of the assembled crowd, King James stated the following:

Akron is my home, it’s my life. Everything I do is for this city. I’m going to continue to do great things. I love every last one of you all. Akron is home.

Although his comments were poignant, LeBron did not give those in attendance any inclination of his future plans now that free agency is almost upon us. While it is almost a guarantee that King James will in fact continue to do great things, what remains to be seen is where he will be doing these great things. Most people believe if it isn’t in Cleveland it will be in New York or New Jersey. Hopefully David Geffen has something to say about that.

Video of King James’ surprise appearance at “LeBron Appreciation Day” after the jump…


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