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King James Does Work On 25th Birthday


With stars like Terrell Owens and rapper Fabolous in attendance, you knew LeBron was going to have to put it down on his 25th birthday. First off, hot damn, the dude is only 25 years old and it feels like he has been killing the game for more than a decade. LeBron did work putting up 48 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists in 43 minutes of play but the Cavs needed a clutch 3 pointer from Anderson Varejao to propel the them to their 26th victory this season.

The crazy part is that he isn’t even anywhere near his peak, which is at least 4-5 years away. By that time he should have mastered all facets of the game and should be averaging a triple double. But until then we get to watch greatness get greater, despite still having one of your nastier all-around teams in the league. Sadly what on paper looked like an upgrade for the Cavs at the start of the season, hasn’t come to being just quite yet. When you have King James on your squad, anything is possible.

Check out the game highlights after the jump…


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