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Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Break Up


We were just like damn, first Tony Romo dumps Jessica Simpson and now this. Kim Kardashian’s reps have confirmed the report that she and Saints running back Reggie Bush are no longer an item. After an intense summer of caking at a level comparable to only Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, Kim K. and Reggie are no more.

The couple had been together since spring of ’07, which coincidentally was right around the time that Reggie started sucking. This news is shocking, considering that a few months ago the two were allegedly thinking about marriage. We guess Reggie came to the realization that if he wants to serve in the NFL, he can’t have Kim serving him and taking the life out of him faster than that hit Sheldon Brown laid on him in the playoffs a few years back.

We’ve all seen the Ray J. tape, so we know that dealing with that much cheek can be dangerous to one’s professional career.

Our tribute to the former couple after the jump…


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