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Kevin Durant Says Kawhi Leonard Is Product of Spurs System and Isn’t Better Than Paul George

Kevin durant kawhi leonard


NBA MVP Kevin Durant took to twitter on Sunday night to proclaim that NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard isn’t on the same level as Paul George and is merely a product of the Spurs’ system.

Durant engaged in a twitter discussion where he presented his opinion on Kawhi Leonard, before later deleting the tweets:

Kevin Durant Kawhi Leonard Tweets

After a solid showing in the Finals in which he was tasked with guarding LeBron James, the 22-year old Leonard became the 3rd youngest player in NBA Finals history, joining Magic Johnson and Tim Duncan.

Although Leonard is indeed a product of the Spurs system, he has found a way to flourish within it despite Gregg Popovich admittedly running very few plays for the youngster.

And, since he won the only MVP award the really matters in the NBA, Kawhi you the real MVP.


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