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Questionable Call

Kevin Durant Claims He Got Hacked After Tweeting Selfie Smoking That Ivory

Kevin Durant Hacked


Kevin Durant raised some eyebrows on Thursday night, after tweeting out a selfie featuring him blowing out a large billow of smoke, usually consistent with smoking that Ivory.

Durant tweet

Durant quickly went into damage control claiming that the pic was of him hitting that hookah (which is a fun thing to do with a boo and/or side boo, although it is then known as a “Bookah”) and that his phone had been hacked, which was confirmed by several of the Thuder star’s teammates who verified that they were receiving weird messages from Durant’s phone.

Durant appears to be telling the truth, as it is no secret that he loves hitting the hookah and appears to be holding a hookah hose in his hand with an amount of smoke that would be consistent with hitting the hookah.


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