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Kevin Durant Calls-Out NBA Superstars (Including LeBron) and Tells Them To Enter Dunk Contest


After one of the worst NBA All-Star Weekend Dunk Contests in ever, the general consensus amongst basketball fans and players is that the time has come to put an end to the wackness by having actual NBA superstars participate in the event like the good ol’ days.

OKC Thunder forward and current superstar Kevin Durant expressed these sentiments last night after the lackluster Dunk Contest with the following tweet:

It’s time for @KingJames, Mr Westbrook, Mr.Rose, and @DwyaneWade to get in the dunk contest

Alls we have to say to Durant is that you ain’t never lied. The Dunk Contest has been transformed from the most anticipated event at NBA All-Star Weekend (besides the game) to a flat-out mockery fueled by corporate sponsorship.

It’s time for the guys that the fans actually pay money to see to make their next move their best one and take part in the entire festivities of All-Star Weekend and help to deliver a better product than what we are currently seeing.

As I’ve previously stated, in order to be truly considered a modern era GOAT, you have to win at least one NBA Dunk Contest.

[via @KDTrey5]


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