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Kent State Player has Jersey Removed from Rafters

John Krease Nov 26

Eric Thomas, a former Kent State basketball player, was sentenced to eight years in prison recently, but that’s not why we are giving him a “Tis Tuff.” To add insult to injury, he had his jersey taken down from the Kent State basketball rafters shortly after being convicted. As a starter on the 2002 team that made it to the Elite 8 for the first time in school history, Thomas had his jersey retired along with the three other seniors on the team.

Although the school still considers his jersey retired, it will not be anywhere to be seen. It is like he is just erased from the history books. I guess he’s on a level with OJ Simpson, who has his jersey unoffically retired, after you know he did “it”. And all Eric did was break into someone’s house and assault a man and a lady. We were just like damn homie, you used to be the man homie – now at least we know what the funk happened to him.


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