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Katherine Webb Gets Clowned by Internet After Alabama’s Sugar Bowl Loss

Katherine Webb Sugar Bowl_Cover


In addition to bidding farewell to Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron, the college football world also bid his main boo and viral sensation Katherine Webb deuces as well, as the internet decided to get its clown on in the wake of Oklahoma’s upset win over the Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl.

Webb was featured throughout the game, along with the rest of McCarron’s family, although there wasn’t quite as much thirst as Brent Musburger displayed during last year’s BCS Championship game, Webb’s impact was sill felt, with cutaways of her making sad faces during McCarron’s tragic finish to his college career.

As a result, the internet meme’d accordingly and paired Webb with the likes of Johnny Manziel and Lane Kiffin, provided some solid postgame entertainment for the social media world.


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