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Kate Upton Goes HAM in Black Dress at Rooftop Turn Up

Kate Upton Silver Dollars_1


Kate Upton was spotted turning up earlier this week, at some certified Legend named David Yurman’s spot, for his Annual Rooftop Soiree. Upton was looking solid in a black dress that did little to conceal some of the most popular twins since Mary Kate and Ashley.

Although it is unclear exactly what Upton is doing in this picture, given her reputation for having that crinnack when it comes to doing urban modern dance, odds are she was showing some square bears what it means to be about that life.

For those wondering what the in the hell a soiree is, basically it’s just an uppity/square term for a moderate turn up of the mustard greens variety, that in certain instances can get even more turnt upper like an oven (usually once everyone gets inebriated) and voyage into the collard greens realm of activeness.

In other news, I never noticed that Kate Upton had them Silver Dollars…until now

Some more pics of Kate Upton going HAM in a black dress, plus a special Throwback Thursday tribute…


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