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Kate Hudson Is Still Traveling With The Team…

Kodackid Aug 16


Yup, Kate Hudson is still tailing ARod like a police man following a car full of black people…right on their ass. So now that the Yankees are up in Seattle on a four game road trip, Kate is right there staying in the same hotel.

It’s no wonder ARod didn’t play on Thursday (sore elbow) or Friday (back spasms)…he was probably caking and threw his back out trying to break Kate Hudson’s back. But you can’t hate because the Yankees went 3-1 up there.

They’ve only lost 3 games all month and have built an amazing 7.5 game lead on Boston in the division. They are also 4 games up on both the Dodgers and Angels for the best record in baseball. The Yanks are nice!



  1. seattlefan August 18, 2009

    they have matching coffee cups wow..what a commitment, its obviously they not getting any decent sleep at nites with all the coffee drinking. back spasms? yeah right!


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