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Kanter Latest: Larry Harris Says Ergul Not An Agent


In the middle of all this Enes Kanter drama, is Kanter’s advisor Max Ergul.  Turkish club Fenerbahce has accused Ergul of being an agent, and blame Kanter’s premature exit from the club on him.

Former Bucks GM Larry Harris talked to Charles F.Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and had this to say re Ergul:

“We had no dealings with him,” Harris said, referring to contract negotiations. “He was a friend, helping Ersan make the transition to a new country.

“He was teaching him how to drive, taking him to the grocery, helping him get accustomed to the U.S.”

Harris said negotiations were conducted with Turkish agent Tolga Tugsavul when the team was trying to keep Ilyasova under contract in the summer of 2007.

Though it proves that Ergul didn’t act as an agent in the Ilyasova situation, it doesn’t shed much light on Ergul’s dealings with Fenerbahce and Kanter.

[via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]


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