Kaepernicking Becomes A Bay Area Sensation



After starting off his first ever playoff start with a pick 6, quarterback Colin Kaepernick responded by turning his swag all the way up and going prosciutto (one of the highest levels on HAM-ness) with a legendary performance that will surely establish as a franchise player for years to come.

The highlight of Kaepernick’s performance came after a touchdown run, when the tatted-up field general decided to give Niners fans something to remember by kissing his right bicep in one of the more legendary narcissistic celebrations in NFL playoff history.

To commemorate the celebration, 49ers fans created the “Kaepernicking” phenomenon, in a blatant attempt to try and jack the swag created by Tebowing last season and Griffining after RG3′s first career TD pass.

Naturally, Kaepernicking has gained some steam, with fans uploading their best photos mimicking the bicep kiss.

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