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Justifiable Caking: Kim Kardashian Gets Engaged To Kris Humphries (Drops $2 Million On Ring!)


After years of trying to get re-saved, Kim Kardashian has finally found a dude athlete to go ahead and put a ring on it, as Nets forward Kris Humphries decided to pop the question, with Kim obliging his demand.

Word on the street is that Humphries dropped $2 million on the 20.5-carat ring ,which he copped from Lorraine Schwartz, who just happens to a friend of the Kardashian family. If I had to guess, Humphries probably got a discount on the ring and the price tag is getting blown out of proportion.

Kardashian claims the couple got engaged last week, but have been keeping it on the low, like old man nuts. Whilst I’m a big fan of Kim Kardashian’s cakes for being quite ravage-able, not sure about dropping $2 mill on some damn jewelry.

That ain’t nothing but some cubics anyway ya dig.

But Kris Humphries (and LeBron) may be one of the only men in the planet that is beastly enough to actually beast Kim cakes, ain’t not quick-skeet like when the nintendo controller is messed up.

Being the Boo of a Kardashian can prove to be a career-changer, just ask L.O.


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