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JR Smith Going Straight To Jail…Will Not Pass Go


With all the trials and jail sentences in the NFL, we almost forgot about JR Smith and his Donte Stallworth-like case. Yesterday a judge sentenced JR to 90 days in jail for causing the car accident that killed his best friend. Word is he will only do 30 days if he spends 500 hours visiting sick children at hospitals when he gets out.

You see JR was in his hometown back in ’07 and was showing off one of his new baller SUV’s to his friends. He was going 67 in a 35 mph zone, drove through a stop sign and hit another car. The crash was so bad that it threw him and his boy from the car…JR walked away with some scratches, his friend didn’t walk away at all.

And even though JR did something horrible and has gotten 2 speeding tickets since then, you will not see David Stern trying to suspend him indefinitely. Because unlike Goodell, Stern is a kind Don.



  1. nitro July 1, 2009

    Stern is soft as baby shit.


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