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Joe Namath Proves Pimpin’ Ain’t Dead With Legendary Fur Coat at Super Bowl XLVIII

Joe Namath Fur Coat Super Bowl Coin Toss


“Broadway” Joe Namath decided to really get his flares out and take it to the concrete, err , artificial turf at MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl XLVIII, rocking this legendary fur coat to prove that no matter what squares say, pimpin’s ain’t dead.

Namath, the Super Bowl III MVP, was on hand for the opening coin toss, and appeared to have been drinking some yak (square translator: cognac, generally of that Hennessy variety) and accidentally started the coin toss prematurely, but luckily referee Terry McAulay snatched the coin before it hit the ground.

With a fur coat that flossy, Namath likely received tons of stares from thirsty chicks who he could have put under pimp arrest for reckless eyeballing.


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