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Jimmy Kimmel Has The Lakers On…

John Krease Jun 20


Jimmy has to be the most athlete-friendly late night talk show host on TV. You have never seen a host have basically the entire starting five on in one night.

But wait, there’s more…that is just Part One up there above. Below we have Jimmy bringing out Jordan Farmar, Shannon Brown, Josh Powell, DJ Mbenga, and even soon-to-be-off-the-team Adam Morrison. Everybody is getting their shine on.

And in other news, word is Kobe will not opt out of his deal this summer, Phil will wait awhile to decide if he wants to come back, and both Lamar and Trevor said they want to come back…it’s just too bad one of them is not going to be able to.

Part II of the interview below…



  1. britt June 20, 2009

    Kobe gets jokes?


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