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Jim Bob Cooter….The Laziest Burglar Ever


This is one of your weirder and unusual stories right here. Jim Bob Cooter, one of the Colts Assistant Coaches, or more famously the Tennessee Vol’s backup QB that was caught eating his boogers during a game against Florida…was caught this time breaking into someone’s crib last weekend, but he wasn’t robbing the joint.

This very strange fellow climbed through a window in a ladies apartment, stripped down to his undies, and hopped right into bed with her!

And the triv part is, he didn’t even know this lady. And when the police came to arrest him on aggravated burglary charges, they found him in the bed… and her running around her house screaming. So he has to be one of the laziest burglars in the world, or he was high off something more than life. No doubt he’s getting fired for this.


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