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Jigga & Alicia Keys Perform At Game 2 Of World Series


When we heard Jay-Z was going to perform his latest hit “Empire State of Mind” at Yankees stadium before Game 2 of the World Series it sounded like a great idea on paper. The actually performance, which featured a horrible echo throughout, left much to be desired. The whole concept of the pregame concert was a little odd. Jigga & Alicia on a makeshift stage in the middle of center field, with the nearest fans about 20 yards away just seemed a little weird.

Most of the Yankees headed to the dugout to witness the 2nd greatest rapper in the game (besides Lil’ Wayne) do his thing, even dancing a little offbeat to the music (see Derek Jeter). The fans in the stadium seemed to be unimpressed by Jigga’s song, dedicated to his hometown. But the crowd did get a rise when Jigga dropped one of the more respectable lines in the song, “I can make a Yankee hat, more famous than a Yankee can.” We are sure at least a few people in the crowd disagreed with this statement.

Jay-Z did proved to be a good-luck charm for the Yanks, as they showed Pedro Martinez who his daddy is yet again, getting the 3-1 victory to tie the series at 1-1, as they get ready to head to Philly where they will have to try and steal at least one of the 3 games back in the City of Brotherly Love.


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