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JerseyChaser Spottings: Vanilla Ice Is Back…

Yes, we knew 2009 would be a great year! After many years of denying his own Vanillaness, Vanilla Ice is finally realizing that real or fake he had some of the best rhymes not just back in the day, but ever. Here we caught him at the Nuggets game preforming one of the greatest rap songs of all time during halftime.

The only questionable move he made was yelling Whoodie Who! But, what is this man doing preforming at a Denver game, give the man some respect and give him the SuperBowl. More JerseyChaser spottings below…including his airness. Word to your mother.

MJ and other part owner took in a Bobcats game. They have to be loosing money on that investment than Madoff did. Bob Johnson is probs laughing all the way to the bank. Suckers…



  1. Legend of staany loco January 5, 2009

    Mike be wearing beads and shit now?


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