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JerseyChaser PDA Cam: Osi & Selita Ebanks

Kodackid Apr 01


We spotting our dude Osi Umenyiora (NY Giants) with a dime the other day. And you should recognize this dime because she is a Victoria Secret model. Sadly Osi is what Sean Avery would call sloppy seconds because he scooped her up after Nick Cannon broke up with her.

Still Selita Ebanks! Dammnnn! Not bad for a guy that pays girls $10G’s so that he can take shit on them. But, we are not hating because you know what them people say…a dime is still a dime no matter who had it before you.

The rumors were that they had broken up, but as you can see from this spotting which happened at of all places a NY Rangers hockey game they are still at it. And now for some sports news: Osi says his knee is 99% better.



  1. vynka April 2, 2009

    he s contract is f*ck. that s why him & his family need this b*tch 2 save em

  2. vynka April 2, 2009

    osi desperate 4 sugar mommy & then will take $ to pay my bills.hahah

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