Jenn Sterger Tweets Iverson On Plane To China


Today the lovely Jenn Sterger tweeted that her friend was on a plane to China with none other than Allen Iverson.  Last week we reported that Iverson wasn’t likely to play in China this season, as the team Foshan( Shaanxi) could not afford him.

After speaking with my sources in the Chinese Basketball Association, this doesn’t mean Iverson is signing with a team.  Here are a few reasons Iverson could be going to China:

1.) He’s going to check out that Foshan spot to see if he could live there.  Unless you play in a big city like Bejing or Shanghai, pro hoopers can have a hard time adjusting culturally to the rural, remote areas of China.  Iverson may be doing his due diligence and “peeping the scene” if you will.

2.) This could be the  Reebok tour that Iverson does.  He goes to  Asia ever 2-3 years, making personal appearances and attending different Reebok sponsored events.

3.) A deal may be imminent, and Iverson could very well be flying over personally to solidify the final details of a mega-contract to play in the CBA next season.

What do you think?

[via Jenn Sterger's Twitter]

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